The Association of Energy and Electrical Engineers is a professional, non-governmental, non-profit, apolitical, independent organization with legal personality, established in 2022.


The purpose of the Association is to contribute to increasing the role of engineers in the energy and electrical field, in order to develop and modernize the energy system, a pillar of economic development. AIEE promotes the principles of sustainable development of the energy system and ensures the adequate institutional, material and social framework for the manifestation of its members.


AIEE’s objectives are the following:

  • promoting the energy field as a pillar for the development and increase of the competitiveness of the economy;
  • respecting the dignity, prestige and ethics of the energy engineer or electrician profession;
  • organizing and participating in technical events, conferences, symposia, forums, round tables, seminars, debates, exhibitions, technical visits and others;
  • organization of specific activities for environmental protection and sustainable development;
  • organizing courses for specialists in the field and professional training activities;
  • supporting AIEE members in order to carry out continuous training activities;
  • professional attestation in the field of persons, goods and services, based on professional standards/norms;
  • initiation of analyzes and proposals for normative acts and regulations;
  • elaboration of proposals for standards and regulations;
  • preparing studies, audits, professional expertise and providing technical assistance based on contracts;
  • initiating and strengthening ties with similar organizations and associations in the country and abroad;
  • collaboration with university centers and educational institutions in the field of energy and electricity;
  • stimulating and supporting interest in scientific and technical creativity by establishing and awarding prizes, scholarships and other material and moral rewards;
  • organization and participation in cultural, sports and tourist activities of AIEE members;
  • collaboration with legal and natural persons for the fulfillment of objectives that serve the general declared purpose of AIEE;
  • other objectives that serve the general stated purpose of the AIEE.